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About Us & How We Work.

SC4G Partners is an experienced, results-focused consulting firm that has been successful in providing clients with a concise assessment of the current state of their Souring, Procurement, and Supply Chain operations.

We partner with our clients, their vendors, and out strategic partners to drive increased value by leveraging our internal experience with out clients’ requirements.

Our process includes complete evaluation of your state, assessment of where your organizations stands in terms of “world class” processes and programs for your company as well as your industry, and create a strategy and plan that fits both short-term and long-term goals for your company, resulting in a “client-right” solution to ensure immediate impact and ROI.



Our Focus.

Complete Supply Chain, Sourcing, and Procurement Services



Data Governance



Supply Chain ERP Optimization



Strategic Sourcing



Procurement Operations



Our Partners.

With over 50+ years of combined experience, we have a dedicated focus we have a dedicated focus on supply chain, sourcing, and procurement process improvements and best practices resulting in operational excellence for our clients. Our strength and value lies in our breadth and depth of experience.
Stephen Ross

Managing Partner


Robin Simons

Senior Advisor

Michelle Balke

Managing Partner

Jennifer Gilmore

















Our Core Values.

Your success is important to us.


Our business is driven by continuously exceeding your expectations. We measure our effectiveness by the improvements and efficiencies our clients realize to improve their bottom line.




We guarantee an open and honest relationship. Our business is centered on achieving planned results through flawless, hands-on execution by our Managing Partners. 


Collaborative Partnerships


Our goal is to become and extension of your team. We drive scalable results by building skills and knowledge in your team so that you can continue to excel for the long term. 



What People Are Saying.

Our Partners have worked with some great people and organizations on many really interesting projects, achieving some outstanding results.


“Stephen co-ordinated and managed a complex implementation of Valogix Demand Planning software in Tanzania and was pivotal in aligning all sides of the implementation. It was a pleasure being involved in the process as he ensured a streamlined well communicated implementation process.”                         

Senior Vice-President, 

Pronto Solutions Alliance Inc.


Industries We Serve.

Our partners have vast knowledge and experience in many industries.


Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations face unique financial pressures with limited budgets to deliver patient care.  As technology evolves, organizations are challenged with supply chain issues, data breaches, technology changes, service delivery issues and compliance requirements.



These are challenging times for the cannabis industry with onerous government regulations and delays with getting the right product to market. We have assisted leading Canadian cannabis companies conduct baseline reviews of their entire manufacturing and supply chain organizations, including worker order management, forecasting and demand management, inventory management, sourcing, procurement, business systems and data governance. 


Mining & Natural Resources

We understand the challenges facing the mining, oil and gas industries and we have experience working with all the different tiers from start-up, mid-tiers to multi nationals. We understand that collaborative relationship and partnerships with operations and maintenance in order for supply chain to be an asset to these organizations.



Public Sector

Public Sector organizations face unique financial pressures with limited budgets to deliver their services.  Organizations are challenged with supply chain issues, data breaches, technology changes, service delivery issues and compliance requirements. 



As more and more people move towards the convenience of shopping on-line, retailers are faced with competing prices, inventory issues, product demand, service delivery issues, changing technology and operating on low margin. 



Through our experience obtained working with manufacturing leaders such as Westinghouse, GE and Honeywell, we apply the best practices and process improvement approach to all our customer engagements.  We understand the relationship between manufacturing and supply chain having experience in both specialties.


Knowledge Library.

Some people call it a blog, but we prefer to call it a Knowledge Library. Whatever you call it, this is a place where we share our ideas, thoughts, and some other really cool stuff. 

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