SC4G Partners with Outliers Mining Solutions to Offer
Supply Change Management Program


June 3, 2020

SC4G Partners is proud to announce a partnership with Mining Industry Experts Outlier Mining Solutions, supporting their new service offering – The Supply Chain Management Program.  

The Supply Chain Management Program offers expert optimization of the mine site and corporate, enabling both to achieve the next level of maturity. Our programs, which focus on short, medium, and long-term solutions that deliver improved material and services availability with a “total cost of ownership” model. This program reduces costs, increases safety and stabilizes and modernizes mine sites.

We identify the level of maturity required for your organization to remain competitive in the future and provide a strategy and roadmap to address your gaps along with estimated timelines to optimize the best results.

The program can include: 

  • Supply chain maturity assessment
  • Risk management evaluation
  • Sourcing expertise, including strategic sourcing and commercial agreements
  • Operational readiness assessment
  • Demand and supply Management
  • Inventory optimization
  • Spare Parts Programs
  • Mine modernization, including training on supply chain systems and digitalization


To sustainably improve our client’s supply chain, we perform a comprehensive maturity analysis of core supply chain components: governance, procurement, vendor and contract management, sourcing, inventory & warehouse management, supply chain systems and demand/supply management.

Our proven methodology includes conducting interviews with supply chain personal and key stakeholders internally and externally. We observe supply chain personnel, the processes, and the systems used to execute. We provide an executive-level report of your current supply chain assessment with a strategic roadmap to progress to the level of an optimized supply chain. At the optimized level, a supply chain organization clearly becomes an asset to the mine site and the corporation. 

We also offer our procurement services for start-up and mid-tier organizations that may not have the expertise in strategic sourcing, commercial agreements, and risk management.

This partnership is the latest advancement for SC4G Partners and Outliers to expand our reach and help a larger client base. We are excited to team up with Outliers Mining Solutions to advance the mining industry towards more innovative and sustainable solutions. 

SC4G Partners will continue to support healthcare, retail, IT, and other industries with their end-to-end supply chain needs, as well.